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Nutritionist in Plumstead Online Services: Your Path to Health and Wellness

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Welcome to our Nutritionist in Plumstead Services, where we are dedicated to empowering you on your journey to optimal health through personalized nutrition plans and expert guidance. Our team of certified nutritionists is committed to providing tailored solutions to meet your unique needs, whether your goal is weight management, improved energy levels, or addressing specific health concerns.


Why Choose Our Nutritionist in Plumstead Online Services in Plumstead?


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1. **Local Expertise, Personalized Approach:

Our Plumstead-based nutritionists understand the unique lifestyle and dietary preferences of the local community. We tailor our services to align with your individual needs, ensuring that your nutrition plan is not only effective but also enjoyable and sustainable.


2. **Comprehensive Health Assessment:

Our nutritionists conduct thorough health assessments, taking into consideration your medical history, dietary habits, lifestyle, and personal goals. This comprehensive approach allows us to create a personalized nutrition plan that addresses your specific needs and promotes overall well-being.


3. **Weight Management Solutions:

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or maintain a healthy weight, our nutritionists specialize in crafting customized meal plans and dietary strategies. We provide the guidance and support needed to help you achieve and sustain your weight management goals.


4. **Nutritional Education and Awareness:

At our Plumstead location, we believe in the power of knowledge. Our nutritionists go beyond providing meal plans – we educate and raise awareness about the principles of nutrition, empowering you to make informed choices for a lifetime of health.


5. **Specialized Support for Health Conditions:

If you have specific health concerns or conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular issues, or digestive disorders, our nutritionists are experienced in providing specialized support. We work collaboratively with healthcare professionals to integrate nutrition into your overall wellness plan.


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Our Nutritionist in Plumstead Online Services


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1. **One-on-One Consultations:

Experience personalized attention through one-on-one consultations with our nutritionists in Plumstead. These sessions allow for in-depth discussions about your health goals, challenges, and preferences, leading to a customized nutrition plan.


2. **Customized Meal Plans:

Receive tailored meal plans that suit your taste, lifestyle, and nutritional requirements. Our nutritionists ensure that your meals are not only nourishing but also enjoyable, making it easier for you to adhere to your nutrition goals.


3. **Ongoing Support and Follow-Ups:

Stay on track with regular check-ins and follow-up appointments. Our nutritionists provide ongoing support, monitor your progress, and make adjustments to your plan as needed to ensure continuous success.


4. **Nutritional Workshops and Seminars:

Join our informative workshops and seminars in Plumstead, where you can deepen your understanding of nutrition, learn practical tips, and interact with our expert nutritionists in a group setting.


5. **Virtual Consultations for Convenience:

Can’t make it to our Plumstead location? No problem! Take advantage of our virtual consultations, allowing you to access expert nutrition guidance from the comfort of your home or office.


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The significance of a nutritionist can be illustrated through a series of ten rounds


**Round 1: Personalized Guidance**

A nutritionist provides individualized advice, tailoring dietary plans to meet specific needs, ensuring that health recommendations are not one-size-fits-all but crafted for optimal results based on personal factors.


**Round 2: Disease Prevention**

Nutritionists play a vital role in preventing and managing diseases by implementing evidence-based dietary interventions, helping individuals reduce their risk of chronic illnesses, and better managing existing health conditions.


**Round 3: Weight Management**

In the realm of weight management, a nutritionist’s expertise goes beyond fad diets, focusing on sustainable lifestyle changes, and fostering long-term success in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.


**Round 4: Nutrient Optimization**

Guiding individuals to optimize their nutrient intake, nutritionists ensure a well-rounded diet that provides essential vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients for overall health and vitality.


**Round 5: Educational Empowerment**

Nutritionists empower clients through education, imparting knowledge that enables individuals to make informed choices about their diet, fostering nutritional literacy and a sustainable relationship with food.


**Round 6: Behavioral Change Support**

Acting as coaches, nutritionists offer support, motivation, and strategies to help individuals overcome challenges and adopt healthier habits, recognizing the behavioral aspects intertwined with dietary changes.


**Round 7: Sports Nutrition**

Specializing in sports nutrition, these professionals optimize performance through tailored dietary plans, addressing the nutritional needs of athletes and physically active individuals to enhance overall athletic performance.


**Round 8: Digestive Health and Gut Wellness**

Nutritionists provide guidance on promoting digestive health, addressing issues such as IBS and food intolerances, and recognizing the pivotal role of a well-balanced diet in maintaining a healthy gut microbiome.


**Round 9: Mental Health and Mood Regulation**

Acknowledging the connection between nutrition and mental health, nutritionists support individuals in managing stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns through dietary interventions.


**Round 10: Long-Term Health Maintenance**

Beyond short-term goals, nutritionists play a crucial role in fostering long-term health maintenance by instilling healthy habits, providing ongoing support, and adapting guidance to evolving health needs.

In each round, the importance of a nutritionist shines through, emphasizing their role as guides, educators, and partners in the journey toward optimal health and wellness.


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Bree Lombard of Bree’s Nutrition offers personalized weight management services that empower clients to achieve their health and wellness goals. With a focus on individualized nutrition plans, lifestyle modifications, and ongoing support, Bree helps clients develop sustainable habits and make positive changes to their eating habits. Her holistic approach considers each client’s unique needs and preferences, making the journey towards weight management both effective and enjoyable. Whether through meal planning, education, or one-on-one coaching, Bree’s Nutrition is dedicated to guiding clients on their path to a healthier, balanced lifestyle.


Get Started on Your Journey to Wellness



Ready to prioritize your health and well-being? Schedule your initial consultation with our Plumstead-based nutritionists and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you. We are here to guide you, support you, and celebrate your achievements on your unique path to optimal nutrition and wellness. Choose our Nutritionist Services in Plumstead and embark on a journey to a healthier lifestyle today!



Weight Management:


Weight management is a common reason individuals seek the expertise of a nutritionist. Whether the goal is weight loss, gain, or maintenance, a nutritionist can create a tailored plan that aligns with an individual’s objectives, preferences, and lifestyle. This personalized approach extends beyond fad diets, focusing on sustainable lifestyle changes that foster long-term success.


Clients should choose a nutritionist for several reasons:



1. Expertise:

Nutritionists are trained professionals who can provide evidence-based advice and guidance on diet and nutrition, tailored to an individual’s needs.


2. Personalization:

Nutritionists create customized meal plans and strategies that consider a client’s specific goals, dietary restrictions, and health concerns.


3. Accountability:

Working with a nutritionist can help clients stay accountable and motivated to make positive changes in their diet and lifestyle.


4. Health Improvement:

Nutritionists can help manage or prevent various health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, through dietary adjustments.


5. Education:

Clients can learn about the principles of nutrition and gain a better understanding of how food choices impact their health.


6. Support and Guidance:

Nutritionists offer ongoing support and guidance, helping clients make sustainable changes for long-term health and wellness.


7. Meal Planning:

Nutritionists can assist in meal planning, making it easier for clients to make healthier food choices.

Overall, choosing a nutritionist can lead to improved health, better nutrition, and a greater understanding of how to maintain a balanced diet.


Do you want to improve your health and well-being by eating right? Bree a South African nutritionist is here to help. We know that everyone has different goals and needs when it comes to their diet, which is why we offer personalized nutrition plans that are made to fit your needs.

Brees Nutrition is committed to helping individuals achieve optimal health and well-being through the power of nutrition. With a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between food and the human body, Brees Nutrition provides personalized guidance and evidence-based advice to empower clients in making informed dietary choices.

Providing knowledge about weight management, sports nutrition, digestive health, and disease prevention. By staying up-to-date with the latest research and advancements in nutritional science, Brees Nutrition ensures that clients receive the most accurate and relevant information. 


An online nutritionist is a certified and qualified nutrition professional who provides nutrition counseling, guidance, and support through digital platforms, typically over the internet. These professionals leverage technology to deliver their services remotely, allowing clients to access expert nutrition advice from the comfort of their homes or any location with internet access.


Key characteristics and aspects of an online nutritionist include:


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1. **Certification and Qualifications:

– An online nutritionist holds relevant certifications and qualifications in the field of nutrition and dietetics. They typically have completed formal education and training in nutrition sciences.


2. **Digital Communication:

– Online nutritionists use various digital communication tools to connect with their clients. This can include video conferencing, email, messaging apps, and virtual consultations.


3. **Personalized Nutrition Plans:

– Like traditional, in-person nutritionists, online nutritionists create personalized nutrition plans based on clients’ health goals, dietary preferences, lifestyle, and any specific health concerns.


4. **Virtual Consultations:

– Online nutritionists conduct virtual consultations with clients. These sessions may involve discussing dietary habits, analyzing food journals, and addressing individual health needs.


5. **Flexibility and Convenience:

– One of the key advantages of online nutritionists is the flexibility and convenience they offer. Clients can schedule appointments that suit their time zones and availability, eliminating the need for travel to a physical location.


6. **Remote Monitoring and Follow-Ups:

– Online nutritionists can remotely monitor clients’ progress, provide ongoing support, and conduct follow-up appointments to assess the effectiveness of the nutrition plan and make adjustments as needed.


7. **Educational Resources:

– Online nutritionists often share educational resources, such as articles, recipes, and nutritional information, to empower clients with knowledge about healthy eating habits.


8. **Accessibility:

– Online nutritionists extend their services to a broader audience, including individuals in remote locations or those with limited access to in-person nutritionists. This increased accessibility is particularly valuable for clients with busy schedules.


9. **Specialized Support:

– Some online nutritionists specialize in specific areas such as weight management, sports nutrition, or addressing medical conditions like diabetes. They provide targeted support tailored to their area of expertise.


10. **International Reach:

– Online nutritionists can serve clients globally. This international reach allows individuals to benefit from diverse perspectives on nutrition, taking into account cultural differences and preferences.

11. **Nutrition Coaching and Behavioral Support:

– In addition to meal planning, online nutritionists may offer nutrition coaching and behavioral support. This can include strategies for overcoming challenges, adopting healthier habits, and addressing emotional eating.


12. **Secure Platforms:

– Online nutritionists prioritize the security and privacy of client information. They use secure and encrypted platforms for communication and data exchange to ensure confidentiality.

While the traditional face-to-face interaction with a nutritionist has its merits, online nutritionists offer a convenient and accessible alternative, making expert nutrition guidance available to a wider audience. It’s important for individuals seeking online nutrition services to choose a reputable and certified professional to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the guidance received.


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The key to assisting clients in achieving their health and wellness objectives, in our opinion at Bree’s Nutrition, is providing them with individualized attention and counsel. To assist you in making significant dietary and lifestyle changes, Bree will provide you with specialized nutrition guidance and support through one-on-one meetings.



Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment

During your initial consultation, Bree will do a comprehensive assessment of your present dietary and lifestyle habits, medical history, and current nutritional status.


Continuous Support and Accountability

Bree will offer continuous support and accountability throughout your journey to help you stay on track with your objectives. In accordance with your development, she will also assist you in modifying your diet as necessary.


Education and Resources

In addition to offering you individualized nutrition guidance, Bree will also give you access to educational materials that will enable you to comprehend nutrition better and make decisions regarding your health. Recipes, meal plans, and advice on eating healthily are just a few examples of these resources.





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Consultation packages range from R400 – R580 (Package options will be sent via email) Consultation is offered online, Consultation is free, and you will be charged for the program only – includes a thorough assessment of your medical history, health concerns, nutritional and lifestyle habits. You will then receive a detailed plan via email. Contact directly for International client rates.

Following the consultation, it is suggested to pay via EFT or PayPal.

Pensioners discount is R390.

Fitness Regime & Sports Nutrition Consultation – R580

Recipe Package – R300

Order Gym Products, Apparel & Equipment Through Brees Nutrition! Contact for price list


Take Control Of Your Health Today.


In a world where nutrition information is abundant but often conflicting, finding a reliable and efficient nutritionist can be a game-changer for those seeking to improve their health and well-being. One name that stands out in South Africa’s nutrition landscape is Brees Nutrition. Renowned for its commitment to excellence and evidence-based practices, Brees Nutrition has established itself as the go-to resource for individuals looking to make informed dietary choices.




Personalized, Client-Centered Approach
To best serve clients, Brees Nutrition takes the time to get to know them on an individual basis, allowing to cater to their specific wants and needs. taking a client-centered approach to nutrition and working together to create sustainable, tailored programs.


Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes
Bree is here to help you achieve your goals, whether they be related to athletic performance, the management of a chronic health condition, or the pursuit of a healthier and more balanced lifestyle in general.



Brees Nutrition, Plumstead’s premier nutritionist service, is where your journey to optimal health begins. Our certified nutritionists in Plumstead are dedicated to providing personalized nutrition plans and expert guidance tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re looking to achieve weight management goals, improve energy levels, or address specific health concerns, our local experts are here to support you. With a focus on personalized care, flexibility, and a deep understanding of the local community, our Plumstead-based nutritionists are committed to empowering you on your path to wellness. Schedule a consultation today and take the first step toward a healthier, happier you with our trusted nutritionist services in Plumstead.




Healthy Living Simplified

Nutritional assessments to find out what your needs and goals are
Meal Plans for eating healthy that are tailored to your lifestyle and tastes

Ongoing online support and coaching to help you reach your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Advice on how to plan and make healthy meals or manage a chronic health condition

If needed, suggestions for supplements and functional foods

Brees Nutrition Is Ready To Support You!


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