One-on-one Consultation

The key to assisting clients in achieving their health and wellness objectives, in our opinion at Bree’s Nutrition, is providing them with individualized attention and counsel. To assist you in making significant dietary and lifestyle changes, Bree will provide you with specialized nutrition guidance and support through one-on-one meetings.

What can you anticipate from Bree's private consulting services?

Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment

During your initial consultation, Bree will do a comprehensive assessment of your present dietary and lifestyle habits, medical history, and current nutritional status.

Continuous Support and Accountability

Bree will offer continuous support and accountability throughout your journey to help you stay on track with your objectives. In accordance with your development, she will also assist you in modifying your diet as necessary.

Education and Resources

In addition to offering you individualized nutrition guidance, Bree will also give you access to educational materials that will enable you to comprehend nutrition better and make decisions regarding your health. Recipes, meal plans, and advice on eating healthily are just a few examples of these resources.

Are you prepared to go on this adventure? Get in touch with Bree to arrange for your initial private consultation.

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