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Gyms in Margate

Margate, located on the enchanting KwaZulu-Natal coastline, is not only a destination for sun, sea, and sand enthusiasts but also a hub for fitness enthusiasts. Gyms in Margate, KZN offer a gateway to health and well-being amidst the natural beauty of the South African shoreline.

An introduction to gyms in Margate reveals a diverse fitness landscape, catering to all levels of fitness and personal goals. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, you’ll find the perfect place to sweat, strengthen, and elevate your health.


Whether you’re aiming for peak physical performance, weight loss, or simply a space to unwind with yoga, Margate’s gyms are equipped to guide you on your fitness journey. So, whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or a beginner eager to explore, Margate’s gyms provide the opportunity to achieve your health and fitness goals while enjoying the scenic beauty of KwaZulu-Natal’s coast.


Margate Gym



74 Marine Drive Margate 4270 

039 312 0964


Margate Gym – Gyms on the South Coast – Losing weight, Get fit, living healthy – Margate Gym

Superbodies Health & Fitness Centre



Cnr. Windsor & Wartski Dve Margate 4275

039 317 2949



Superbodies – Gym on the South Coast – Losing weight, Get fit, living healthy – Superbodies

Body Harmony Gym


Image result for Body Harmony Gym gyms. Size: 83 x 71. Source: bodyharmonyonline.co.za

786 Marine Drive Ray Nkonyeni 4265



039 315 0786


Crossfit Wild Coast


Image result for Crossfit Wild Coast gyms. Size: 183 x 183. Source: lookaside.fbsbx.com

12-22 Shepstone Road Margate 4275

082 308 0975

KA Fitness Centre


Image result for KA Fitness Centre gyms. Size: 111 x 95. Source: lookaside.fbsbx.com

 Hillside Crescent Oslo Beach, South Africa 4240

060 502 0249

One Life Fitness Centre



073 045 1983



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